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Buy Synthroid

Synthroid is a brand name that refers to levothyroxine. This is a synthetic hormone that facilitates metabolism in the body. Synthroid is a drug that cures hypothyroidism, which is a situation in the body where a thyroid gland stops producing enough thyroid hormones. This condition greatly lowers an individual's rate of metabolism, which leads to negative effects in the reproductive system. Signs of hypothyroidism include swallowing difficulty, fatigue, forgetfulness, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, hoarse voice, and wild moods. This drug has to be prescribed by a doctor as a replacement or supplement so as to facilitate the balance of thyroid hormone in the body.

When on Synthroid medication, you should avoid some food products such as high fibre foods and cotton-seed meal, as they can cause your body to absorb less of the synthetic hormone. In case you would like to change any brand, it is advisable that you ask your doctor first because some brands may work differently for you. If you overdose on Synthroid, you need to seek medical attention immediately. When you overdose, you can experience severe side effects such as breath shortness, chest pain, diarrhea, confusion, leg lamps, tremor, pounding heart beats, and vomiting. Also when you happen to miss a dose on Synthroid, you should not try to double it on the next dose as many people do with other drugs. This is why it is necessary to follow the instructions carefully and consult your doctor when you are not sure of anything that concerns your condition and the drug.

Synthroid should be taken not less than thirty minutes before eating especially in the morning, and you should maintain taking it at the same time each day depending on the instructions from your doctor. This drug must be taken with a full glass of water because it is a tablet that dissolves very fast and may swell the patient's throat, which may lead to choking. When on medication, it is recommended that you schedule your regular visits to your doctor for check ups. For example, the liver tests, blood tests, and kidney tests should be done regularly while on this treatment.

It is advised that you inform any other doctor you talk to or a dentist that you are using Synthroid. Once you begin using Synthroid, you may continue using it for the rest of your life. This drug can cause loss of bone or osteoporosis when it has been used for a long time. When you experience this, you must address it to your doctor. Before you start this kind of medication you have to discuss with your doctor your health history such as your history of your diabetes, history of your heart disease, pituitary gland problems, anaemia, or coronary artery disease, as it will help him to give you the best prescription depending on your current condition and health.

Another serious symptom of thyroid condition is hair loss and when you experience this, you should seek a doctor's advice to be sure before using Synthroid since hair loss can be caused by many different factors.

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